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Challenges in laser surface engineering

Last change:IAPLE / 2015-08-27

Challenges in laser surface engineering

Laser surface engineering includes but not limited to cladding, alloying, hardening, cleaning, polishing, Shock peening, macro-texturing/abrading,

(1) Laser cladding low cost and high surface finishes (benchmarking with electroless plating);

(2) Laser cladding of ceramic without cracks;

(3) Cladding metals on plastics;

(4) Cold cladding;

(5) Laser surface engineering with low surface smoothness;

(6) Laser polishing with surface roughness Ra <10 nm;

(7) Laser assisted localised polishing of optics with surface smoothness <1 nm.

(8) Laser surface engineering inside the small diameter tubes;