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Challenges in laser micro/nano fabrications

Last change:IAPLE / 2015-08-27

Challenges in laser micro/nano fabrications

1. Surface texturing: (metals, semiconductors, ceramic and plastic) Metal Wettability change with time: mechanisms (mixed effect of micro/nanostructures, Carbon/oxide and

charging effects);

2. Super-resolution and far field nano-imaging: Active 3D meta-materials;

3. Laser tuning of chemical reactions;

4. Other 2D materials: Hybrid 2D materials and PLD etc.;

5. Laser cold processing;

6. Large scale micro/nanostructures fabrication;

7. Super-capacitor;

8. Cold Graphene deposition;

9. Fast charging battery;

10. Multi-wavelength interference with white light laser nano-lithography;

11. Laser nano-welding of metallic NPs;