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13.Challenges in laser cutting, drilling and machining

Last change:IAPLE / 2015-08-26

Challenges in laser cutting, drilling and machining (Aug. 2014)

(1) Composite materials cutting including minimising recast and heat affected zones, processing speed (materials removal rate) and throughput;

(2) Defect-free brittle materials cutting;

(3) Non-uniform thickness materials and thick session materials cutting;

(4) Striation-free laser cutting;

(5) Laser cold cutting and drilling of engineering materials (heat affected zone less than 1 micron) at high material removal rate;

(6) Zero-taper hope drilling, reversed taper hole drilling;

(7) Effective shaped hole drilling with a single laser;

(8) High-aspect ratio (>20:1) hole drilling;

(9) Crack-free drilling of brittle materials.