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2.Challenges in laser macro-processing next 10 years

Last change:IAPLE / 2015-08-26

Challenges in laser macro-processing over the next 10 years

1. Additive manufacturing: laser processing, cost, speed (deposition rate and resolution) , heat treatment, stress, distortion, & crack issues, surface finishing (inner surfaces), limited market size and structures’ quality on-line diagnostics; (mainly technology and engineering challenges);

2. Cutting of fiber composite materials; (cutting speed, heat affected zone, cutting edge quality);

3. Multi-scale laser processing: to apply microprocessing to macro scale;

4. High power ultra-fast laser cold macro-machining;

5. Welding of light alloy: porosity issue;

6. Welding of dissimilar materials (composite materials);

7. Multiple task laser processing (welding, hardening, cutting, deposition, drilling);

8. Laser macro-processing based on micro/nano-materials;

9. Glass processing (welding, cutting);

10. Hybrid laser processing with other non-laser fabrication.