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16.Challenges in Metal Additive Manufacturing (2017)

Last change:IAPLE / 2017-08-08


Definition: 2D additive patterning and 3D components by laser layered additive manufacturing, here both SLM and LMD

1.Resolution, accuracy, distortion and surface finishing
2.Multiple materials and multi-functional materials
4.Residual Stresses, scanning strategy resulting in minimum distortion
5.Control of resulting microstructure
6.Surface finish/ -quality
7.In process monitoring for defects e.g. cracks, porosity.
Challenges SLM (2017)
1.Process fundamentals: e.g. melting, solidification, keyhole
2.Platform size
3.Simulation/ Design/ “Digital Material”
4.Software: From CAD to the product and back
5.Powder quality and price
6.Multi Material, “color printer”
7.Post processing: shape, support structure, surface
8.In - product - surface finishing
Challenges LMD (2017)
1.Micro cracks
2.Thermal management
3.Surface finishing
4.2 ½ to 3-D-structures
5.High entropy materials (thin layer)